I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes

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I was approved for “I Am Pilgrim” as an arc in 2014 and I hate to admit that I am just now getting around to it. I requested far too many books last year and I have several more to catch up on. But as far as this book goes, I’m right in the middle: I neither loved it nor loathed it. As far as the positives, I felt that the writing was engaging and I had no problems creating the author’s world in my mind and was thoroughly entertained. But there were the negatives that kept it from being a winner for me. I felt that it was way too long by about 300 pages…I felt there were characters that didn’t really contribute to the story…I didn’t like the varying POV’s and thought that the story had too many directions. With that being said, the negatives weren’t so strong that it kept me from enjoying the read altogether and I would recommend reading it as many people really loved this one.

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